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PocketFM increases Ad Request CPM by 90% after switching to AppBroda

PocketFM is a well-funded company that raised $65M in its Series C funding round. PocketFM helps millions of audiobook lovers to enjoy and listen to their favorite audiobooks on the go.
In need of scaling their ad revenues, they turned to AppBroda to manage their daily ad ops, integrate new demand partners, and optimize their ad revenue without hampering user experience.


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Company Background

PocketFM is a leading Audiobook App, enriching the lives of millions of audiobook lovers every day. Pocket FM has raised over $93.5M in funding over 5 rounds.
They bring you the world’s best audiobooks, stories, and podcasts from the best authors, podcasters, and voice-over artists. They also give you the ease to listen to your favorite audiobooks while commuting, driving, working out at the gym, cooking, going to bed, or just about anywhere else based on your comfort.
They have all the best sellers of various categories like: Romance, Suspense and Thriller, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Classic, and more.

The Challenge

PocketFM was experiencing low fill rates and eCPMs, followed by very little revenue.
After multiple attempts to scale their ad revenue further, PocketFM consulted our team to create an efficient monetization plan for the company and help them scale their revenues further.

The Solution

Our optimization and ad operations experts devised a detailed plan for the company to set an effective strategy for Ad Monetization to help the team scale their revenue and operational efficiency for daily data tracking.
Our team considered Ad Request eCPM a benchmark metric to track the success of our optimization strategy. Any small increment in the Ad Request eCPM is an achievement in itself.
The Formula for Ad Request eCPM is:
Ad Request eCPM = (Total Ad Revenue / Total Ad Requests) * 1000
It essentially discounts any daily variation in traffic and focuses on the revenue per ad request being generated daily.

The Results

Immediate Ad request eCPM increase with huge potential for more

After migrating to AppBroda, PocketFM saw an immediate increase in daily revenue and Ad request eCPM as a result of:
  • Increased demand for their inventory with our premium advertisers
  • Granular optimization on each ad unit by our Ad Operations exper
With the help of our Ad Revenue Optimization capabilities, PocketFM has scaled its average Ad Request eCPMs by 90% in just one month and almost tripled its daily revenue

Way Forward

Our team is grateful for the opportunity to help and consult the PocketFM team with its Optimization capabilities. We will be working extensively to support the PocketFM team scale their revenue to greater heights in the coming months.
With our industry-leading demand partners, ad operations experts, and optimization strategies in the loop, we are confident to help PocketFM increase its revenue further.

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